Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy ninja assassins.

Have questions?
We have answers.
And swords.

Q: My game lags every once in a while. Why?
A: This is a known issue related to how long your iPhone or iPod has been powered on. Restarting your device should resolve things.

Q: Do you have any updates coming?
A: You bet! Stay tuned for updates.

Q: Can I have a promo code to review Ninja Rally?
A: Contact us at

Q: Ninja Rally crashes my device!
A: Restart your device. That should clear up most issues associated with our, or any, Apple-approved game. If you're using a jailbroken device, free up some RAM from mods and other software. If your device has been restarted, is not jailbroken, and still crashes frequently, your device may need servicing. Please contact Apple customer service for assistance."

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